Tutorial for Save Games

Many NES games such as The Legend of Zelda, Kirby's Adventure, Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior and more offer the ability to save your progress inside the game using battery-backed RAM. NESPlay allows you to copy this data to your computer and use it in the future to continue your game.

Notice: Before reading this tutorial, please remember that context menus are unavailable inside NESPlay. To copy, hold down the Control (Ctrl) key on your keyboard and press C. To paste, hold down the Control key on your keyboard and press V. To select all text, hold down the Control key on your keyboard and press A.

Step 1: Selecting a Game

Games that support saving your progress have a blue disk icon by the name, indicating that you can save your game. Games that do not have a blue disk icon do not support saving. For this example, let's choose The Legend of Zelda.

Step 2: Creating a Save File

When loading a game that supports save games, click on the name of the game normally as you would on other games. When the game loads, you'll see a prompt like this:

Returning Players Prompt

If this is your first time playing this game, click "Cancel" to start with a fresh save file. If you have a save game from a previous session, copy and paste your save code into the box. If you want to experience using a save code, copy and paste the one provided below.

Figure 1: Example Save for Legend of Zelda

Step 3: Saving your game

For the Save Code to be updated, you will need to save your progress inside the game. For example, in The Legend of Zelda, typically you would have to lose a life in order to save. However, there is a secret cheat in this game that allows you to save without dying by pressing 1 and then 8 and 7 on the Player 2 controller (NUM PAD). This will bring up the secret save screen. In other games, like Final Fantasy, you'll need to visit an Inn, or in Dragon Warrior, you'll need to talk to the King.

After you've saved your progress inside the game, if you press F10, or close the game, you'll be greeted with a box with your new Save Code. You can copy and paste this code to a text file on your computer for use at a later time when you wish to continue your game.


Returning Players Prompt

Using the keyboard shortcuts, you can store this copy (Ctrl+C) this code, and paste (Ctrl+V) it into a simple text editor (Windows Notepad is great for this purpose) and save it to your computer.

Congratulations! You've successfully saved your game.